Queue Management System and Onboarding at On-Demand Startups

queue management system

For onboarding in on-demand companies

Expanding the supply side of growing startups.

Onboard like Unicorns

Onboard like Unicorns


There's no such thing as too many visitors.
Manage thousands of daily registrations like the Unicorns, even with limited staff.

Processing Made Easy

Processing made easy via automation

Automated registrations allow your staff to process faster and improve visitor experiences. Informs the status of waiting lines with Apple TV.

Let your visitors manage themselves. Self sign-ins automate processing, allowing your staff to focus on providing amazing visitor experience.

checkmarkAutomate sign-in and verification

checkmarkNo training needed

checkmarkTurnkey solution

Data Empowered Services

Data empowered services

Qminder is a powerful visitor management tool that empowers your team. We help you organize and open up visitors for anything you have planned.

Start a conversation with your on-site visitors, even if they are non-native speakers. Fast and easy face-to-face registrations. All interactions are saved into Qminder, which you can readily use to improve your process.

checkmarkSmooth face-to-face onboarding

checkmarkManage thousands of visitors

checkmarkUse data to improve process

Actionable data right on time


Immediate status report of everything in one view.


Alerts when wait times get long & when you need it.


Consolidated reports in your inbox for meetings.


Easy export to Excel for your data scientist.



Feed all the data into your CRM or BI system.

Trusted by the best ride-sharing companies
in hundreds of locations

"Qminder helps us serve our drivers - the cornerstone of the Lyft community - in a human and personal way. Visitors to our Hubs feel welcome and attended to, always knowing when and by whom they’ll be served, and leave happy, just as they deserve to be."

Dana Hooshmand, Special Ops Manager

Sumit Tuteja, Supply Product Head

"Having over 650,000 driver partners necessitates the need for a smart solution that helps us to ensure the best service at our centres. With Qminder for walk-ins, we are able to significantly optimise our driver partner operations."

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