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Qminder’s Visit Planner gives your visitors a bird’s eye view of the queuing situation at your location.

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What Visit Planner is:

Visit Planner is a small website that displays real-time information about your location, based on Qminder's queuing data. Access to Visit Planner allows customers to choose the best time for a visit, taking out the frustration of having to wait.

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Easy to maintain

Help your customers find the best time for a visit

Visit Planner helps your visitors find, at a glance, the ideal time to visit your location. Keep your visitors informed with a status screen, updated every minute.

choose the best time

Let visitors choose the best time by displaying the number of visitors and the average wait time

recommend best time

Recommend the best time for visiting by showing top options based on hourly footfall

help visitors

Help visitors prepare for a later visit by marking down the opening hours for each day of the week

Improve your customer communication

Visit Planner not only helps your visitors plan out their visits but also gives you a chance to describe your service in detail.

include additional content

Include additional contact information to let visitors reach you with ease

offer multilingual support

Offer multilingual support to communicate with visitors in their language

list down special comments

List down special comments that help your customers better prepare for a visit

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Want to see Visit Planner live in action? Go take a look at TPCA Lab and Alameda Permit Center’s pages.

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A Quick Guide to Qminder’s Visit Planner

Wouldn't avoiding queues be easier if you could look into the future and see what times are the busiest? With Qminder's Visit Planner you can do just that!

Qminder has been our saving grace when organizing queues, monitoring location and staff performance, and adjusting operations accordingly.

Cristy Liaw
Senior Business Relationship Manager at St. John’s Medical Center

Qminder has brought transparency and efficiency to our check-in process for both our service delivery team, as well as the client employee.

Amanda Johnson
Vice President at Beacon OHSS

We were impressed with Qminder's reliability. Even when using it during a peak season, we did not experience any issues, and their support was always on point.

FC Truter
Product Lead at Takealot

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