Qminder Service Intelligence and Data

queue management system

For service insights
& data-based business decisions

Exceptional customer experience and complete business overview with Service Intelligence.

Make smart decisions with Service Intelligence

With each visit interaction Qminder
tracks and saves data

Data puts you in control of
your service success

Qminder saves foot traffic and service metrics, putting you in control to empower front-line team, manage your location and make intelligent business decisions.

Front-line empowerment

Delight visitors by empowering employees

Great customer experience starts with great support to your front-line team. Empower your employees with Qminder.

By learning who the visitors are and why they came in, Qminder gives service teams the freedom to easily manage their workflow, plan follow-ups, and essentially make the most out of each visit.

Access via web browser of any computer, smartphone, tablet. Use where and when you need.

Manage the workflow
Reorganize waiting list & distribute work between staff.

Gather data
Where did visitors hear about you? What is their name, age, sex or email?

Track performance
Identify and resolve most common issues before they rise.

Offer personal service
Serve customers based on their individual history and touchpoints.

Easy & Intuitive

No trainings needed - start serving visitors in minutes

Location managing

Back your gut feeling with data

As a professional, you know the trends of your industry but each season, campaign, and visitor is unique.

Qminder provides you with the hard data for staff planning, performance reviews, service management, daily operations, and budgets. Stop the guesswork! Get precise numbers to optimize your branch, employees, and service.



Foot traffic, wait & service times, number of walk-outs.



Reasons of visit, visitor data, and segmentations.



Individual performance, time allocation, workload distribution.



Detailed record of each visitor and interaction.

Received a review?

Complaint or compliment - track down the interaction!

Is the campaign working?

Capture data about the offering, issue or trend!

Actionable data at the right time, the right way


Just log in and see what is going on right now!


Know when wait times get long & your help is needed.


Reports delivered to your inbox for weekly meeting.


Export into Excel and take a deeper dive.



Feed all the data into your CRM or BI system.

checkmarkIf the rush hour sneaks up, you need to get notified instantly.

checkmarkFor your weekly staff-meeting, a quick summary is enough.

checkmarkWhen the employee evaluation is coming up, you might want to review the performance.

checkmarkDeciding on budgets and when quarterly reports are due - trends and graphs become crucial.

Business decisions

Data-informed strategic decision making

Long term success via Service Intelligence

With each visitor served in Qminder, you gain valuable data that provides a solid foundation for strategic business decisions.

For single locations, it might mean tracking and iterating the offering to anticipate visitors' needs. Who are your experts, how to offer the best quality customer experience every time?
Within a multi-branch enterprise, one has to deal with global trends as well as offer great services in high quantity. What can one branch teach to another; where to open up the next location and how to compare the success of the branches?

Implementing Qminder queue management provides you the intelligence about your customer service and employees that you never had before.

Improve efficiency

Get numbers for staff planning and service trainings

Craft your customer experience

Test out & track different approaches and floor plans

Start gathering insights and making wiser decision in minutes.

Full system access. 14 days for free.
No credit card required.



Greet, inform and interact with visitors during the service. Collect data for Service Intelligence and offer personal customer experience.

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