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Dear Customer Service People: A Love Letter From Qminder

Dear customer service people,

I do not know where this letter may find you.

Perhaps you are reading this at home, with a cold beverage in hand and a warm meal in front of you, all your loved ones looking on adoringly. Perhaps you’re reading this during a commute, hunched over a phone, tuned out from the passengers around you. Or maybe you’re reading this at work, stealthily stealing glances at the screen when no one’s watching.

It doesn’t matter, really.

We may not have ever been officially introduced or, hell, even met. But despite all that, I still think I know you. Truth be told, I am your biggest fan.

No matter what made you take up the customer service mantle — be it passion, necessity, or even a whim — it takes a special kind of person to wear it.

Only the people who have worked in customer service can truly comprehend the kind of load that you’re bearing. To always be out there in the open. To stay cheerful and diplomatic. To offer help even when you yourself are in need of it.

While everyone is bemoaning the “stress” of shopping, you are actually living it. You listen to the identically worded questions, requests and complaints over and over again, day in and day out. Where a lesser person would lash out, you offer nothing but a warm smile and a helping hand.

And yet, despite the hardships you endure, it may not always feel rewarding. You may even feel that your efforts go unnoticed.

At the end of the day, the ship’s captain may get most of the praise, but it’s the helmsman who has to weather the storm and keep steering, elements be damned. You are the reason this boat is going its planned course.

It may not always appear as if though you’re making a difference in someone’s life, but you are. It takes the smallest gesture, the simplest phrase to put a frown upside down.

When a dark, cold night washes over you and you feel worn down and unsure, remember how your smile brightened someone else’s day.

If only there was time to tell all of the things I wanted to tell you! I hope that this letter has managed to at least make you feel all warm and fuzzy — the same way you make all of your customers feel every day.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be and whenever you are reading this, from the bottom of our hearts — thank you!

Thank you for always doing your best, believing in the best, and bringing out the best in people.




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