Qminder Queue Management System Using Printer Tickets

2017 Update from Qminder: We no longer offer support for printers as we are now using a more efficient, name-based, paperless system.

You can now buy an All-in-One solution to print paper tickets for your visitors standing in line.

Flexible, stylish, and compact – the AsuraCPRNT™ is the result of Star’s experience in developing high quality and reliable hardware solutions combined with its expertise in multi-platform integration.

For a system of this magnitude you used to have to plan the wiring when building the house, the set-up was done by a team of professionals, and in the end the machine used only the proprietary paper that was way more expensive. Not anymore! With Star AsuraCPRNT, you just need to connect it to the Internet and when the paper finally runs out, you can buy an extra 80mm roll from any office supply store. You can also change the information, languages, or waiting lines displayed whenever you want to by just logging in at www.qminder.com.

For purchase inquiries, contact us directly at sales@qminder.com

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Setting up a queue management system

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