Personal Customer Experience Builds Brand Loyalty

Be wary of any software that promises to solve all your challenges, especially in a customer service scenario.

Qminder is built to help you and your employees to do what you do best. You are the expert in your field and it is our aim to help you become the best version of yourself.

This means that the value you get out of Qminder is determined by how you set it up, and how you approach visitors.

personal customer service with greeter

How may I help you?”

First impressions matter. With Qminder you have multiple options with how to greet customers.

Qminder offers a self-service sign-in iPad solution. You can configure the services you provide for visitors to choose from, and the information you want to ask from them. This will make the visitors feel that their needs have already been heard, and thus the wait time, whatever it might be, is greatly softened.

If your aim is to offer the most luxurious and personal service, then we recommend to hire a dedicated greeter who inputs the visitor information into Qminder for them. This allows your business to gather more detailed information seamlessly, while emphasizing the personal approach.

What information you need or want to gather at the first touchpoint is up to you. This can be a telephone number, nature of their visit or anything else - but what we always recommend is to ask their name.

“Being a professional - Being human”

Why is the name so important? - you might have asked.

Studies have shown that hearing your name triggers unique reactions in the brain that make you more receptive to the environment and information. Simply put, using the visitor’s name will transfer the smile from your employee to the visitor as well.

Now, that the ice is broken, it is your moment to shine in service.

Thanks to Qminder, you will already have a piece of information why this person is there. It is always wise to confirm their need or request; they might have something to add.

Visitor information inputted into Qminder can help you find their profile from your internal systems, or pull up relevant product information before the service.

Better human service is one of the most requested change in customer service from those surveyed - and using the their name again will help with customer loyalty.

service data insights


Qminder is built to be lightweight. We can’t be in your way during service.

During the service, you just want to focus on your offering!

But as we come to the end of the service you might want to take a second and think what’s next.

  • Did you satisfy the needs of the visitor?
  • Did you get all the information you need?
  • Is there something you learned about the visitor?
  • Should you follow-up with the client via other channels?

Qminder makes it easy to gather the exact data you need to continuously improve your service. Based on this data, you can make personal offers, gather needed demographic information, or just note down a resolution for internal use.

Personal customer experience is what all visitors expect, and what all businesses need to offer.

There isn’t a single fix or a solution, but rather, the continuous focus on what matters.

Qminder is built to help you reach that goal with an organized waiting line, personal service, and gathering relevant information to improve your service intelligently.

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  3. Explore our API to connect Qminder to your Business Intelligence or data warehouse systems.

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