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Why Great Customer Service Begins With a Smile

We’ve talked quite a bit about customer service strategies. Which is why we’re here to talk about the benefits of a smile in customer service.

As always, creating an outstanding strategy is more nuanced than checking off a few boxes on a list. What seems trivial is actually one of the most important aspects for a successful business.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the importance of a smile at work.

The Power of Company Culture

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Great customer service begins with a smile, and a smile begins with a customer-centric culture. It’s a top-down process. A notion that has to permeate every aspect of your business.

What does it mean to be a customer-centric business?

To start, it means that every portion of a business is oriented towards the customer. Not just the customer representative. That’s the outdated way of thinking—a quick way to be left behind in the dust.

From the sales representative to technicians and managers, every single person in a business places the customer as their priority. It starts with a CEO and trickles into every aspect of the business.

Why should you care?

Businesses that excel at customer experience have a 14% advantage in their respective market. The lesson? Even if you’re business is solely motivated by revenue, orienting yourself towards the customer pays off.

Wait, weren’t we talking about smiling? Yes, and here’s why culture is intricately tied to service with a smile…

A Smile Is Part of Our Culture

A smile is a crucial result of a company with the right culture. It’s not just a gesture for some “How To” training form. A smile is a consequence of the right state of mind.

Let’s be clear: service with a smile isn’t forced on employees. It should be a natural consequence of a company that understands how to support and empower their employees.

Here are just a few pointers for businesses:

After all, employees are at the forefront of the customer experience. They set the tone of every transaction, and leave a lasting impression with customers. In fact, an employee’s smile may be the most significant part of a transaction.

Plus, happy employees are proven to be more productive employees. And happy employees are more likely to give service with a smile as a result.

The point being is that a business environment which motivates smiling thanks to its culture eventually finds its way to the customer.

Employees and the Right Attitude

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“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” (Charlie Chaplin)

What makes a smile work is that it’s an attitude. One that’s universally recognized regardless of culture, time period, or place.

As Psychology Today relates:

“Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.”

The thing is, smiling is infectious. You don’t need studies to see the benefits of a smile in customer service.

Try it for yourself. The next person you make eye contact with, smile. Likely, the other person won’t be able to resist a grin.

While we can’t control every interaction we have on a day-to-day basis, we can control our attitude towards that interaction. A smile sets that attitude.

Employees that smile at customers say, “I’m ready to help to the best of my abilities.” Even in the most difficult service situations, a smile triumphs.

In fact, a smile itself — even when forced — changes attitudes. You might be surprised to learn that smiling when on the phone will actually change the tone of your voice, giving it a positive ring.

The benefit of a smile in customer service is that it not only fosters the right attitude for employees but also radiates out to customers.

Customers That Smile

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A business culture that fosters smiles doesn’t end with happy employees. It creates an atmosphere in which customers smile as well.

When a customer smiles it means the business is on the right track.

Let’s keep in mind that sometimes it’s not price or convenience that convinces customers to shop at a particular store. It’s the experience.

Around 73% of customers say they fall in love with a brand thanks to friendly employees. Meanwhile, over 58% of customers are willing to spend more money with companies that provide excellent service.

A smile informs customer’s perception of an experience. And a positive interaction can elevate the entire journey through a store, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after a customer finishes shopping.

The Right Environment for Customers

A smile goes a long way in creating the right environment for business. Customers want to shop in a warm, friendly atmosphere. One that feels like a part of a community — not an indifferent, cold business.

That means an environment that goes out of their way to meet their needs:

  • Intelligent and efficient queue management systems.
  • A personalized experience that treats customers individually.
  • Using customer experience analytics to better understand customer’s desires.

All of these variables combine under a customer-centric culture into an equation. And what does that equation produce?

Service with a smile.

A smile is the spark that ignites a great customer service experience. It’s a simple gesture that radiates outwards into every aspect of a business, from the CEO down to employees and stays with customers long after they finish shopping.

The importance of a smile at work can’t be understated. But creating an environment which produces smiles can be a challenge.

However, with a queue management system like Qminder your business can get ahead of the curve by simplifying and enhancing your store.


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