Why we are doing this?

We all mind waiting!

This was the simple idea, that brought six of us together, who shared the pain enough to act on it. Then we hacked together a modern day solution for queue management based on smartphones. Thinking of ourselves as our own customers.

As many of you know, Qminder continued on with great speed and support. Our problem and solution was recognized by Europe’s leading micro-seed investment fund and mentoring program, Seedcamp. Which invested in us, in less than 100 days from inception at the Garage48 hackathon.

Next week is the flagship event of Seedcamp “Seedcamp Week”’s program and a great time for us to take a step back and remind ourselves and everybody else why we are doing this?

As Seedcamp is more than just a “program” and often mentioned as a family, we got help from another Seedcamp company called Teleportd. They helped us find and use real-time relevant crowd-sourced photos from the smartphone generation, to easily visualize why we are doing this.

Take a look at some of the latest photos shared on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. You can see that waiting in line is a big problem and feel the cries for help.

Furthermore, as Apple hasn’t yet signed up for Qminder to manage the iPhone 5 queues, we suggest you take a look at our other friends from Seedcamp, who are in the business of getting anything done by trusted, friendly people nearby – Milkly. They have kindly offered to wait in line for you.

Stay tuned for updates during Seedcamp Week by Following us on Twitter or on Facebook - its going to be a blast!

And of course, if you know or own a venue that has a waiting line, and start using Qminder today.

We all mind waiting!


All is fair in love, war and Garage48


Queue management during holidays is manageable