Apple Store Unpaid Waiting Time on the News

2017 Update: Apple retailers, did in fact, start using Qminder after this event.

This is not a story about the long waiting times for the new iPhone versions, but an example how easy it is to setup Qminder.

Qminder setup for Apple employees

Earlier today the news broke about Apple store employees suing for unpaid waiting time. Turns out Apple Store employees had to spend 10-15m everyday waiting in line for security check or to clock-in and this is not the first lawsuit about this waiting time.

The staff of Apple Store worldwide totals more than 40,000 people. Definitely not all of them qualify for the lawsuit, not all of them were subject to this wait etc, but it’s easy to see how multiplying the time spent with hourly wage does adds up to a significant loss.

This is just a clear example how a bit of waiting all the time cumulates in a major problem. Without queue management, even short waiting times end up as bad experience. People love order and organization, and with the tools we have today, even relatively short waiting times or one time events have have no excuse of wasting our time.

This is how any Apple Store could have set up Qminder in less than 3 minutes, increase employee satisfaction and potentially avoided the lawsuit.

The workers could have been instructed to queue up before-hand and continue working until their turn. Same goes, for coming back from lunch or just clocking-in; why wait in line, when they could have been in the cafe next floor. They all have iPods around their neck and most have smartphones anyway.

The security guards could manage the whole waiting-line from an iPad, calling the next in line.

All companies do not have strict security checks nor can their customers sue them – we just wanted you to show how easy it is to manage a waiting line with Qminder.

Set it up yourself, with a free trial! The same exact setup can work for castings, auditions, ice-skating rinks, school exams, gift wrapping stations at Christmas etc.

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