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2018 Retail Holiday Calendar

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Any holiday is like a big glowing present for businesses around the world. And unlike your typical present, the mouth of this gift horse is worth looking into.

Why? Because holidays are a time when businesses can better cater to their client base.

The one problem with this is that there are so many — almost too many — holidays of note in the US. Some of them have fixed dates, but quite a number of holidays change their dates every year.

If you want to keep an eye out for these special days, take a look at our new retail holiday calendar 2018. Feel free to jump to any month.

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retail calendar january holidays

Ski season

When it comes to holidays, January is usually a modest month — especially in 2018. It is home to but two significant dates: New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day.

The gift-wrapping season may be over, but you should still watch out for renegade shoppers.

1 January — New Year’s Day

21 January — Martin Luther King Day

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retail calendar february holidays

Winter break

Once February comes, love is in the air. Of all the holidays that fall on February — including Groundhog Day, President’s Day, and Lunar New Year — Valentine’s Day is arguably the most important for any retailer.

Still, it would be unwise to ignore all the other special days. Take Super Bowl, for example: this annual championship of the National Football League has achieved cult-like status in the US. You’d better make the most out of it.

2 February — Groundhog Day

4 February — Super Bowl

14 February — Valentine’s Day

20 February — President’s Day

29 February — Lunar New Year

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retail calendar march holidays

Spring cleanup

With March, springs comes full force. Just like January, March can’t boast a great number of holidays, but those few it has are significant ones.

For starters, there’s the First Day of Spring. More importantly, there’s also St. Patrick’s Day — an Irish-turned-international holiday, an ideal time for social get-togethers. For retailers worldwide, St. Patrick’s Day is an untapped pot of gold.

17 March — St. Patrick’s Day

20 March — First Day of Spring

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retail calendar april holidays

Thinking of nature

If there’s one holiday the month of April is known for, it’s April Fool’s Day — high time for jokes, prank calls and party gifts. What makes April 2018 uniques is that Easter Sunday also falls on April 1.

Twice the holidays, double the fun.

But don’t forget about Mother Nature, either! For all you green-minded shops out there, be sure to put your eco-friendliness to 11. Put greater emphasis your stock of reusable and recycled products.

1 April — April Fool’s Day

1 April — Easter Sunday

22 April — Earth Day

30 April — Good Friday

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retail calendar may holidays

Mothers, memorials, and May the Forth

May is the month of M’s: Memorial Day and Mother’s Day both fall on May, the former marking the unofficial beginning of summer. Take advantage of these holidays by offering discounts, offers and special sales.

On a sillier note, there’s also May the Fourth (another M!) — the Star Wars Day. Want to get noticed by customers? Then embrace your love for family sci-fi.

4 May — Star Wars Day

5 May — Cinco de Mayo

7 May — May Bank Holiday

13 May — Mother’s Day

28 May — Memorial Day

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retail calendar june holidays

Dads and grads

With June, summer is at the doorstep — the First Day of Summer can attest to that. And while May was largely about Mother’s Day, June is all about proud dads.

What do people buy as gifts for their fathers? Everything, from golf clubs and home depot tools to barbecue gear and flowers (hey, why not?). Want to make it a special holiday for your customers? Put yourself in their shoes.

14 June — Flag Day

17 June — Father’s Day

21 June — First Day of Summer

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retail calendar july holidays

Summer break

For people who enjoy sun and outdoors activities, July marks the start of an awesome period. There’s so many things to do: swimming, picnics, barbecue — it’s your choice! And if you enjoy fireworks, look forward to Independence Day.

It may be the only major holiday in July, but the importance of Independence Day is hard to overstate. The words “promotions”, “special deals” and “discounts” should enter your vocabulary around this time.

4 July — Independence Day

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retail calendar august holidays

Last taste of summer

It’s August, and summer comes and goes. Enjoy your last rays of summer sunshine as well as the end of a fiscal year.

As it happens, there aren’t really any noticeable holidays that fall on August. Last Saturday, which marks the last fiscal week, is something to take into account (no pun intended).

25 — Last Saturday

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retail calendar september holidays

New season

September is the beginning of a new season — one that perhaps isn’t as sunny but is certainly not in the least bit less colorful.

Be sure to say proper farewell to summer. Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday of September, is the unofficial start of the Fall. (And by the way, the First Day of Fall is also in September).

3 September — Labor Day

9-11 September — Rosh Hashanah

23 September — First Day of Fall

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retail calendar october holidays

Trick or treat

A month of spooks and scares, October enjoys popularity as the month of Halloween. Scary masks, costumes, haunted homes and creepy props — Halloween is a field day for all retailers selling spooky things.

As for less bone-chilling holidays, there’s Boss’s Day and Columbus Day. More than half a millennium back, Christopher Columbus first came to America, and his arrival is now celebrated as a national holiday.

8 October — Columbus Day

16 October — Boss’s Day

31 October — Halloween

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retail calendar november holidays


Ever wanted to grow out a beard? November, also known as Movember, is the best time of the year to try this. Stock up on beard-grooming products — you’re going to need them!

Other than that, there’s Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and of course, Black Friday — the day when your abilities as a retailer are put to test. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday either, and prepare your shopping platform accordingly.

6 November — Election Day

11 November — Veteran’s Day

22 November — Thanksgiving

23 November — Black Friday

24 November — Small Business Saturday

26 November — Cyber Monday

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retail calendar december holidays

Holiday season

The year flies by, and December — the mother of all holiday seasons — is finally here. There’s Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

It is a hectic season, for sure. Expect the unexpected as there will definitely be an influx of last-minute shoppers racking their brains for what to buy for their loved ones. Polish up your gift-wrapping skills!

6 December — St. Nicholas Day

10 December — Green Monday

2-10 December — Hanukkah

21 December — First Day of Winter

22 December — Super Saturday

25 December — Christmas Day

31 December — New Year’s Eve

Any holidays we’ve missed? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.


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