retail holiday calendar 2022

The Ultimate Retail Marketing Calendar for 2022 [PDF]

This is a complete, month-by-month retail marketing calendar for the year 2022.

For retail and ecommerce businesses around the world, the year 2022 presents awesome marketing opportunities in the form of retail holidays and shopping events.

While many holidays occur on a fixed date, others are celebrated on a different day each year.

To help you keep track of each holiday, we’ve created a month-by-month list of all major retail holidays, public holidays, and shopping events in 2022.

Feel free to jump to any month and retail holiday that interests you the most, and plan your marketing campaigns around it.

💡 TIP: Keep track of 2022 holidays with our free print-friendly 2022 Retail Holiday Calendar (PDF).

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q1

The first quarter of the year should be centered around catching up with your customers and fostering that relationship.

Retail holidays in January 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 january

January is also known as Dry January, which is a month-long public health campaign that promotes abstinence from alcohol.

1 January — New Year’s Day

Target audience: everyone

New Year’s Day signifies a fresh new beginning. People around the world write down their bucket lists, New Year’s resolutions, 30-day challenges, and other objectives.

7 January — Orthodox Christmas

Target audience: Orthodox Christians (Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks, Georgians, etc.)

Unlike Western Christmas, Eastern Orthodox Christmas is less commercialized. Still, gift cards, candles and other ornaments are popular items.

If you work in the food industry, you can sell some traditional Orthodox Christmas dishes. Your local community will appreciate that.

17 January — Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Target audience: Americans

This is a federal holiday in the United States, marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. This is a significant day for the Civil Rights Movement and racial justice, so center your marketing campaign around inclusivity, support and equality.

23 January — National Pie Day

Target audience: Americans and pie lovers around the world

Started in the mid-1970s, National Pie Day is a celebration of pies that is officially sponsored by the American Pie Council. (Yes, that’s a real thing, apparently.)

This retail holiday is a doozy if you work in a bakery, but you can incorporate pies in other industries. I mean, who doesn’t love pies?

26 January — Australia Day

Target audience: Australians

Outdoor concerts, barbecues, parades, fireworks, competitions and other public events are a great way to celebrate the anniversary of the Land Down Under.

27 January — National Chocolate Cake Day

Target audience: chocolate cake lovers

First National Pie Day, and now this. Breaking your New Year’s resolution has never felt sweeter. Celebrate this day by sharing your favorite recipes, making video tutorials and, of course, showing off delicious chocolate cakes.

Retail holidays in February 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 february

February is known as Black History Month in the US, but it is recognized worldwide. Use this opportunity to share some positivity and love.

1 February — Chinese New Year

Target audience: the Asian community and people who follow the Chinese zodiac

The Chinese New Year festival marks the beginning of a new year, with each year representing one of the 12 traditional zodiac animals. 2022 is the year of the tiger, so keep this in mind when decorating your store and designing your social media campaigns.

2 February — Groundhog Day

Target audience: Americans and Canadians

According to tradition, if a groundhog sees its own shadow and returns back to slumber, six more weeks of winter will follow.

This is a great marketing opportunity for social media campaigns. Use #groundhog and #groundhogday hashtags when spreading your message.

9 February — National Pizza Day

Target audience: pizza lovers (so everyone)

Pizza and pizza-themed products should cover you on this day. Offer coupons, free delivery, special deals — easy-peasy.

13 February — Super Bowl

Target audience: NFL fans

Super Bowl is the sporting event of the year, every year. It is the most national non-national holiday there is, if that makes any sense.

Play around with the football theme when offering discounts or engaging with customers on social media.

14 February — Valentine’s Day

Target audience: couples, singles and hopeful romantics

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance. Time for your usual marketing toolkit: gift cards, discounts, special promotions, chocolate and flower selections, coupons, etc.

Offer to provide personalized messages that would go together with gifts. Make a note to celebrate all kinds of love, not only romantic relationships.

15 February — Singles Awareness Day

Target audience: single people

Singles Awareness Day is the singles-only version of Valentine’s Day. Not everyone is suited for relationships, some people are comfortable being by themselves. Help celebrate this lifestyle by promoting self-care products.

20 February — Love Your Pet Day

Target audience: pet owners

This holiday is simply an excuse for people to post photos of their pets. Promote pet products and pet-related merchandise. Run a photo contest on social media to get people engaged.

21 February — Family Day

Target audience: Canadians

This is a federal holiday in Canada that celebrates the importance of family bonds. Help people turn their run-of-the-mill social gathering into an unforgettable experience.

21 February — Presidents’ Day

Target audience: Americans

This is a federal US holiday that marks the birthday of the first president, George Washington. American-themed apparel and merchandise is never a bad idea.

Retail holidays in March 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 march

1 March — Pancake Day

Target audience: pancake lovers

Holidays centered around food are the easiest, especially when it’s something as universally beloved as pancakes.

8 March — International Women’s Day

Target audience: both men and women

International Women’s Day celebrates the progress we’ve made when it comes to gender equality. Make your female employees stand out by celebrating their achievements and life stories on social media.

14 March — White Day

Target audience: Eastern Asian communities

In China, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea, White Day is an analog of Valentine’s Day. Women give chocolate and handmade gifts to their male friends and boyfriends.

Custom-made accessories, clothes and sweets are standard but reliable choices.

14 March — National Pi Day

Target audience: everybody, but especially fans of math

Not to be confused with Pie Day, Pi Day celebrates the number π. This day falls on 3.14 (14 March according to the American calendar format), so your go-to choice is to create math puzzles and quizzes on your social media channels.

How about a discount code that you can only get if you solve a math equation which uses the number π?

17 March — St. Patrick’s Day

Target audience: people of Irish descent

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Ireland’s culture by using as much green as possible. (We at Qminder celebrate it all year round.)

It’s a great day for marketing campaigns, but make sure to be respectful of the heritage. Don’t lean too much on shamrocks and leprechauns; some people find it tacky.

17-18 March — Holi Festival

Target audience: Hindus

Holi is the traditional Hindu festival of colors that celebrates love and fertility and marks the beginning of spring. During the Holi festival, it is custom to throw colored powder on yourself, friends and even complete strangers (make sure it’s consensual, though).

27 March — Oscar Night

Target audience: film lovers

It’s been rough for moviegoers these past few years, so fingers crossed for 2022. Share your movie opinions on social media, post interesting facts about movies nominated for the Academy Awards, and engage with community members.

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q2

The second quarter of the year is where things usually pick up. There are more outdoor events that you could do or participate in, so feel free to engage with your customers in the fresh air.

Retail holidays in April 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 april

1 April — April Fool’s Day

Target audience: everyone

Show your sense of humor when decorating your store and sharing messages on social media. If you feel like taking a risk, you can even try pranking your customers.

Remember: the best jokes are those you can laugh together at. Don’t be mean with your pranks and use this opportunity to bring smiles and spread positivity.

10 April — National Sibling Day

Target audience: everybody who has a sibling, parents of siblings

National Sibling Day is ideal for giving personalized gifts. Why not offer a double gift pack?

11 April — National Pet Day

Target audience: pet owners

Connect with your customers by encouraging them to share stories and pictures of pets. If you’re selling pet products, this is a good day for you.

15 April — Good Friday

Target audience: Christians

Good Friday is observed during Holy Week and commemorates the crucixion of Christ. Unlike Christmas, another Jesus-related holiday, Good Friday has retained its religious nature, so don’t try to commercialize it.

17 April — Easter

Target audience: Christians

Eggs, Easter bunny and sweet cakes (Simnel cakes in the UK and Ireland) are all the things you could use when rethinking your marketing strategy on this day.

21 April — National Tea Day

Target audience: tea drinkers

This UK holiday is about celebrating one of the most popular beverages. A great time for selling tea products: kettles, tea bags, tea blends, and other teaware.

22 April — Earth Day

Target audience: people mindful of the environment

Earth Day is a day dedicated to thinking about environmental protection. Introduce some eco-friendly products and announce your own charity campaign.

23 April — World Book Day

Target audience: book lovers

This is a day that promotes literacy and passion for reading. There is a big community of people who collect books that you may want to focus on. If you’re not in the book-selling business, celebrate this holiday on social media.

24 April — Orthodox Easter

Target audience: Orthodox Christian community

This is a less-commercialized analog of Western Easter. Orthodox Christians have a tradition of painting eggs on this day and baking Easter cakes (kulich).

29 April — International Dance Day

Target audience: dance enthusiasts

This day was proposed by the International Theatre Institute, and it celebrates dancing as an art form. Is there a way to incorporate a dance competition into your marketing strategy?

30 April — Honesty Day

Target audience: Americans

Honesty Day is observed in the United States. There isn’t much in terms of products and services you could market, so focus on spreading positive (and honest) messages on social media.

Retail holidays in May 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 may

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month.

2 May — Brother and Sisters Day

Target audience:

4 May — Star Wars Day

Target audience: Star Wars fans

Why 4 May? Because May the 4th be with you!

On this day, you’re expected to engage in Star Wars-themed campaigns, especially on social media. (Talk like Yoda for one day? Not a bad idea, this is.)

5 May — Cinco de Mayo

Target audience: Mexicans and Mexican Americans

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the cultural heritage of Mexico. As with other cultural holidays, stay respectful and sensitive. Use your social media power to amplify the voices of other people and help them share their stories.

8 May — Mother’s Day

Target audience: everyone who has a mother

Mother’s Day is a big shopping holiday, especially in the US. Flowers, gift boxes, coupons and gift cards — this is what people will be looking for this day.

9 May — Europe Day

Target audience: Europeans

This day celebrates peace and unity in Europe and raises awareness about the history of the European Union.

In post-Soviet countries, this day is celebrated as Victory Day. It commemorates everyone who gave their lives in World War II.

13 May — World Cocktail Day

Target audience: cocktail enthusiasts

Note: In 2022, World Cocktail Day fall on Friday the 13th, so it will be a two-in-one holiday. Be creative with your cocktail recipes!

16 May — National Love a Tree Day

Target audience: nature lovers, tree-huggers

This is a day for celebrating Mother Nature and raising awareness about our planet. Promote eco-friendly products and feature plants and other green elements in your campaign designs.

23 May — Victoria Day

Target audience: Canadians

Victoria Day is not to be confused with Victory Day. As its name suggests, Victoria Day honors the birthday of Queen Victoria with outdoor events, fireworks and social gatherings.

25 May — National Wine Day

Target audience: wine connoisseurs

The point of National Wine Day is self-explanatory, as is the marketing strategy you need to employ. Offer gift baskets and wine selections with personalized messages and thank-you cards.

30 May — Memorial Day

Target audience: Americans

Memorial Day is a federal holiday for honoring the soldiers who gave their lives serving in the United States army.

Retail holidays in June 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 june

June is internationally recognized as Pride Month — a season for promoting kindness and inclusivity.

3 June — National Doughnut Day

Target audience: doughnut lovers

National Doughnut Day was created to commemorate Salvation Army, whose members served donuts to soldiers during World War I. Today, it’s a holiday about baking, sharing recipes and, of course, enjoying tasty donuts.

5 June — World Environment Day

Target audience: people mindful of the environment

This is another great opportunity to launch and promote eco-friendly products. If your business is environmentally conscious, it’s time to make customers aware of it.

8 June — Best Friends Day

Target audience: people who have friends

Once again, personalized gifts are the way to go, especially engravings for accessories.

13 June — International Children’s Day

Target audience: everyone

This day was created to promote the protection of children’s rights. Create a charity event or donate to charity and encourage customers to chip in.

14 June — American Flag Day

Target audience: Americans

Flag Day is about celebrating all things American, so put on your best patriotic hat and power up your social media efforts.

15 June — National Beer Day (UK)

Target audience: beer lovers in the UK

This is a British holiday dedicated to mankind’s favorite cold beverage. Beer lovers will appreciate your discounts on beer products and promotion of unique beer flavors.

19 June — Father’s Day

Target audience: everyone

The celebration of Father’s Day isn’t as widespread as Mother’s Day, but fathers also deserve recognition. Male care products, ties and socks are unimaginative but popular ideas for a gift.

19 June — Juneteenth

Target audience: Americans

Juneteenth is also known as Freedom Day, and it celebrates the freedom of the last slaves in the United States. This is a day not for selling products but for participating in social campaigns.

21 June — International Yoga Day

Target audience: yoga and fitness enthusiasts

This is a retail holiday custom-made for businesses that sell fitness products and apparel. If your business doesn’t do that, you can at least share a message about mindfulness.

21 June — Summer solstice

Target audience: everyone

The summer solstice marks the high point of the year. Days will only become shorter from this point on.

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q3

The summer is the best time for outdoor activities. People are travelling, sightseeing, and having picnics and BBQ parties. For businesses, it’s time to start preparing for fall marketing campaigns.

Retail holidays in July 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 july

1 July — Canada Day

Target audience: Canadians

Canadian Independence Day is celebrated with what any independence day is celebrated with: parades, fireworks, festivals, barbecues and other social events.

If you have Canadian-born customers, be sure to add Canada Day to your calendar.

4 July — Independence Day

Target audience: Americans

The Fourth of July is about unity, respect and love for the United States. Inject some patriotic spirit into your marketing messaging. Don’t be afraid of being funny: this is a perfect day for going viral.

7 July — World Chocolate Day

Target audience: chocolate lovers

There are many types of chocolate, and each deserves your attention on this day. Promote chocolate products and share your favorite recipes.

17 July — World Emoji Day

Target audience: everyone

World Emoji Day is a perfect opportunity to incorporate emojis into your marketing campaigns.

18 July — National Ice Cream Day

Target audience: ice cream lovers

Ice cream can go with everything, especially a sweet deal and some tasty promotions. Promote unique, off-the-wall flavors to get attention.

30 July — Islamic New Year

Target audience: Muslims

30 July 2022 marks the end of the year for those who follow the Islamic calendar. Once again, be respectful in your marketing campaigns.

Retail holidays in August 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 august

August marks the first day of school for many countries. This back-to-school period calls for a feel-good message on social media.

5 August — International Beer Day

Target audience: beer lovers

In preparation for Oktoberfest, you can engage your audience by offering unique beer flavors and snacks.

8 August — International Cat Day

Target audience: cat owners

This day was created to raise awareness about cat adoption. You can start a charity event focused on helping cats get adopted — by, say, promising to give away 50% of daily revenue.

9 August — Book Lovers Day

Target audience: book lovers (duh)

This day celebrates reading, literature and book enthusiasts. Use this event to highlight important books, start an online reading club and engage with your audience.

10 August — National Lazy Day

Target audience: everyone

In the spirit of this holiday, we were very lazy about publishing this calendar. Help your customers celebrate this day from the comfort of their couch. Use hashtags #NationalLazyDay and #LazyDay to engage with them as they

11 August — Son and Daughter Day

Target audience: parents

Like many other holidays, Son and Daughter Day celebrates family bonds. Once again, share personal stories and anecdotes and offer special deals (how about cutting the price for products targeted at boys and girls?).

17 August — National Nonprofit Day

Target audience: non-profit organizations

Help get non-profit organizations recognized for their work by promoting some of them on your social media and allocate a part of your revenue towards their goals. Pay special attention to local non-profit organizations.

19 August — World Photography Day

Target audience: professional and amateur photographers

This day celebrates photography in all its forms. Decorate the walls of your business with photos, invite a famous photographer and/or organize a photo gallery.

26 August — International Dog Day

Target audience: dog owners

This day is dedicated to answering the eternal question of “Who’s a good boy?”. Ask your audience to share pictures and stories of their puppies. Offering discounts for dog-related products should be a no-brainer, as well.

Retail holidays in September 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 september

The period from 15 September to 15 October is celebrated as National Hispanic Heritage Month. These four weeks are meant to reflect on Hispanic heritage, culture and contributions.

4 September — Father’s Day

Target audience: Australians

Australia celebrates Father’s Day on 4 September, but the same thoughts and suggestions apply.

5 September — Labor Day

Target audience: Americans and Canadians

Labor Day is a federal holiday that honors the achievements of the worker movement. It also traidionally marks the end of summer.

12 September — National Video Games Day

Target audience: video game enthusiasts

Once only associated with socially awkward teenagers, video games are now a universally-enjoyed pastime for kids and adults alike. A good time to sell some video game-related merchandise.

17 September — Start of Oktoberfest

Despite its name, Oktoberfest kicks off in September and ends on 3 October. It is the largest beer and folk festival held in Germany, but you can celebrate it in other parts of the world.

Build your marketing around traditional costumes, beer and other beverages, bratwurst, etc.

21 September — International Day of Peace

Target audience: everyone

This day is dedicated to promoting peace all over the world. Use your social media constructively to contribute to this effort.

27 September — World Tourism Day

Target audience: travelling enthusiasts

This holiday was created by the United Nations to celebrate the joys of travelling. As restricting are (hopefully) lifting, use this opportunity to share stories, favorite spots and destinations, travelling tips and equipment.

Ecommerce dates and holidays in Q4

The last quarter of the year is jam-packed with public holidays and big shopping events. Sales typically surge in the fourth quarter, so prepare your campaigns accordingly if you want to see your numbers rise.

Retail holidays in October 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 october

Sober October is a month-long challenge for those who want to cut down on their alcohol consumption. Help spread the message on your social media and offer support to those who want to better themselves.

1 October — International Coffee Day

Target audience: coffee lovers

Share your favorite blends and create special promos for coffee makers, grinders and other machines. Coffee mugs tumblers with cute and funny prints are a popular gift category, as well.

1 October — World Vegetarian Day

Target audience: vegetarians

World Vegetarian Day was established in 1977 and promotes healthy, plant-based dieting. Create special promos, post tips and personal life stories on social media, and share your favorite recipes.

2 October — World Smile Day

Target audience: everybody

World Smile Day is trademarked by the World Smile Corporation, a charity focused on helping children. Create a social media campaign and spread awareness.

5 October — World Teacher’s Day

Target audience: everybody

Make teachers feel appreciated on this day by spreading a positive message and thanking them for their hard work. Offer personalized gifts and support the local community.

10 October — World Mental Health Day

Target audience: everybody

Use this day to raise awareness about mental health and fighting the social stigma associated with it. Show your support by sharing personal stories of yourself and your audience and amplifying the voices of those least heard.

10 October — Canadian Thanksgiving

Target audience: Canadians

Much like its American counterpart, Canadian Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Adapt your marketing messages accordingly and offer sweet discounts for meals and gifts.

16 October — Bosses’ Day

Target audience: anyone who works for a boss

Mugs, T-shirts, posters and potted plants are all standard gifts for Bosses’ Day. Don’t forget about self-employed people — they’re their own boss, so it’s an opportunity for them to celebrate their success.

24 October — Diwali, or the Hindu Festival of Lights

Target audience: Hindus

Diwali is one of India’s most popular holidays that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Families traditionally shop for new clothes and accessories in preparation for this festival.

31 October — Halloween

Target audience: everybody, but mostly kids and their parents

We’re not going to say anything new about Halloween and how to market around it. Festive decorations, costumes, masks, sweets and spooky ornaments — pay attention to all of that, and you’re golden.

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Retail holidays in November 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 november

Movember is an annual month-long mustache-growing event to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Beard-grooming and facial care products are a nice touch this time of year.

November is also known as National Native American Heritage Month in the US. Promote justice and equality in your social media campaigns.

1 November — World Vegan Day

Target audience: vegans

As more people switch to plant-based diets, help them spread the message. It’s not only about dieting but also about kindness to all sentient beings. Center your marketing campaign around vegan meal challenges and charity support.

5 November — Bonfire Night

Target audience: British

More than four hundred years ago, Guy Fawkes was arrested for the attempt to blow up the House of Lords. People celebrate his failure by lighting bonfires and fireworks.

11 November — Veterans Day

Target audience: Americans

Veterans Day commemorates all people who have served in the US army. This is not a commercial holiday, so think carefully about what to post and promote on social media.

11 November — Remembrance Day

Target audience: Canadians, Australians and British

Remembrance Day commemorates people who gave their lives during World War I. Red poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance, but be careful not to create tacky social media messages on this day.

11 November — Singles’ Day

Target audience: Chinese people

Singles’ Day, also known as Double 11, started as a student tradition in China for single friends to spend time together. In 2009, Alibaba ran its first Singles’ Day campaign, and it quickly became on of China’s biggest spending events.

19 November — International Men’s Day

Target audience: men and boys

While not celebrated to the extent of Women’s Day, International Men’s Day is a big opportunity to celebrate achievements of boys and men. Familiarize yourself with the best-selling male products — from clothes to video games to grooming products.

24 November — Thanksgiving

Target audience: Americans

Thanksgiving is a beloved family holiday celebrated in the US. Many businesses use this day as an opportunity to thank their customers and employees. Not a bad blueprint.

25 November — Black Friday

Target audience: holiday shoppers

One of the biggest retail holidays each year, Black Friday is known for crazy deals, discounts and promotions. This is a big day not only for physical stores but also ecommerce businesses around the world.

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26 November — Small Business Day

Target audience: holiday shoppers

Small Business Saturday is Black Friday on a local level. It celebrates the success of small businesses.

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28 November — Cyber Monday

Target audience: holiday shoppers

The first Monday after Black Friday is the biggest online shopping holiday. In recent times, it’s poised to overshadow even Black Friday itself — too many people have started to enjoy the comfort of buying from home.

Discounts, promotions and special offers are the name of the game.

Retail holidays in December 2022

retail holiday calendar 2022 december

4 December — National Sock Day

Target audience: anyone who wears socks (so everybody)

What to sell and promote on National Sock Day? Here’s a hint: it starts with an S and ends in OCKS.

It’s a good opportunity to share funny messages on social media, too. Talk about something relatable, like socks’ mysterious ability to disappear around the house.

12 December — Green Monday

Target audience: holiday gift shoppers

Green Monday is the second Monday in December and is the day when shoppers suddenly realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Stock up on wrapping paper, your customers will need a lot of it.

17 December — Super Saturday

Target audience: holiday gift shoppers

This is the last Saturday before Christmas and is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. You’ll have a lot of competition, so stand out by offering free shipping, great discounts and special deals.

18 December — National Free Shipping Day

Target audience: holiday gift shoppers

Speaking of free shipping, here’s an entire day dedicated to it. Encourage online shopping by offering free-of-charge, express shipping. Last-minute shoppers will love you for it.

18—26 December — Hanukkah

Target audience: Jewish community

Make sure to learn about Hanukkah’s history and significance before you center your social media messaging around it. People don’t like when religious holidays become too commercialized, so if you’re out of ideas, it’s best to simply share a message of love in your campaigns.

21 December — Winter solstice

Target audience: everybody

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, so counteract by sharing as much positivity as possible. Use hashtags like #WinterSolstice2022 to make your messages visible.

24—25 December — Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Target audience: everybody

Christmas is less of a religious and more of a cultural holiday nowadays, but still, employ sensitivity. Center your messages around family bonds and kindness.

26 December — Boxing Day

Target audience: the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Boxing Day is celebrated in countries that are part of the Commonwealth. It is, for all intents and purposes, an extension of the Christmas holidays and used as an excuse for families to spend time together.

26 December—1 January — Kwanzaa

Target audience: African diaspora

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration of African heritage. Consider gifts of cultural significance: books, costumes, movies, musical instruments, etc.

Educate yourself on the history and traditions of Kwanzaa. (Quick tip: red, black and green are the traditional colors.)

31 December — New Year’s Eve

Target audience: everybody

For people who follow the Gregorian calendar, 31 December is a significant day that marks the advent of a new year. It’s a time for parties, social gatherings, family outings, fireworks and tasty meals.

Wish your customers a happy new year, reflect on the past year and make promises for the next 12 months. Preparation is half the battle won.

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This takes care of most of the biggest and most notable retail and seasonal holidays in 2022. Of course, nobody can stop you from inventing some holiday of your own (say, National Tip the Cashier Day).

If you need help keeping track of 2022 holidays, download our print-friendly 2022 Retail Holiday Calendar (PDF).


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