Queue management system for holidays

Queue management during holidays is manageable

Solving the problem of waiting lines with the help of smartphones and tablets has put us into a slightly different state than any of the other queue management systems out there.

Besides the added flexibility that using commodity hardware provides, we are at those amazing stages of our development, where people are suggesting new ideas and asking us for solutions for queuing-problems that have never been addressed before.

Yes, everyone can imagine or has used the queue management system at a bank, a governmental building, or at a hospital – but what about seasonal events or even one-timers, such as supermodel castings, the beer stand at a rock-festival, X-factor auditions, or the launching of a new iPhone ?

For the last 2 weeks we have seen an increase of interest from the US and although Black Friday shopping craze and waiting lines for days and nights were to thank for some of that, the curiosity did continue.

It wasn’t until today that we talked to a specific client and realized that we couldn’t ignore the Christmas carols any longer – whole families are waiting in lines for hours at a time, in order to just get to meet Santa.

They wait for so long that there are online tutorials to help with the process.

We have been talking to European shopping malls to relieve gift wrapping stations from waiting lines, but indeed – why stop there, why bother the elves, when Qminder, the mobile queue management, can help manage the stressed out parents way more efficiently?

And any elf will be able to set the system up all by themselves, as it really is that simple.

In the spirit of holidays you can get the system for FREE until the end of the year. All you have to do is and send us an e-mail with the subject heading “SANTA”.

We all mind waiting! Especially when there are gifts to receive.


Why we are doing this?


Where do people wait in South Korea?