web based queue management system

Web Based Queue Management

With Qminder there is no software to download, server to maintain, nor proprietary hardware to rent at your work station.

Just to showcase how flexible and easy it is, we wanted to go over some of the best features that you can use. You simply log in from your browser and manage the line from there.

You can add people manually

Add ticket or user to queue

This can be the perfect feature especially if your visitors are greeted by a person instead of iPad kiosks. What service do they need? Do they have the correct documents? Should they queue up at all?

Every visitor is different and every service is different.

Some visitors require more face-to-face time, while others are happy to go through an automated process. You also have special requirements for certain services.

Here we can give the frontline employee the power to decide and help.

Call customer

There are different ways to call and visitors.

  1. Click on the visitor’s name on the left hand queue log and call. This way, you can choose who to call.
  2. Click on the Call Next button in the center. This automatically calls up the next person in line.
  3. Greet the visitor. A little caution: this is a more personal approach and visitors may fall in love with the experience!

You can see who is in line and call them out of order

Call customer

Depending on your location and what service the visitors need, a first-come-first-served order might not be the best option. In our system you can see who is currently in line, how long they’ve waited, and any other relevant information.

You can then decide to call the people as you see fit.

User management is also as easy as two clicks. It’s easy to call someone again and notify them. Mark them as a “No Show” if they don’t show up, mark the status as “Served” to finish up, or even put people back in the queue.

Remember, all the information gets saved, so you can export it and use the Service Intelligence to enhance your existing services and offerings.

Queue management through mobile

mobile queue management

We switched from an app-based queue management system to integrating an SMS chat in the product itself.

Businesses may have this as a requirement - but no one really asks why. Is it just for the sake of having it? Our data showed that businesses were losing out by using mobile queuing apps.

Our new SMS chat makes your visitors more engaged with you. They don’t have to download and install anything, and it’s convenient for everyone.

The use-case varies from place to place:

  • Your location is too big. You can’t possibly have TVs everywhere to show the queue status.
  • Your waiting area is too crowded. It’s too chaotic and would prefer if people didn’t surround your staff.
  • You care about visitor experience. You prefer to have visitors freely walk around instead of trapping them under queue belts and barriers.
  • You want to stay in touch with your visitors. Whether it’s for quick updates or simply to check in on someone - you can now do it easily.

These are some of the bare essentials of a good web based queue management system.

Do you think Qminder is the perfect solution?

You’re not alone. Our clients are the innovative, customer-oriented businesses and organizations that are thriving!

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