Who is last in line?

For a queue management system like Qminder, the competition isn’t usually another technology, but instead a set of unwritten rules.

„Who is last in line?“ is the common practice when entering a waiting area in a hospital or in any other more quiet queuing situation for that matter.

This is a situation with no alternatives. You cannot go to a competing shop, you just have to wait there patiently.

The questions is – does your time have to be filled with anxiety and nervous fidgeting?

Are all those people in front of me? How long will it take? I came 8 a.m. sharp like my doctor told me to, how can there still be so many people before me? Do I have to pay extra for my parking? What if I want to go to the toilet? Could I finish another procedure before? The guy next to me is coughing really intensely – I bet it’s that latest flu strain that I saw on the news.

In a barely, but still functioning situation with no other alternatives, people tend to accept the status quo. Why bother? Why improve on a “functioning system”? Who cares?

This kind of thinking will not do anymore! When doctors are being paid by performance and more than 65% percent of reviews on doctors include something about the waiting times,

  • the doctor, the hospital, and you as a patient should care and do whatever you can to improve on the matter!

Qminder on iPad

Some of you who haven’t been to the doctor’s for a while, might think that with „all kinds of online-bookings“ and other improvements waiting surely must have gone better over the years?

Annual Analysis of Average Patient Waiting Times finds that actually we’re waiting longer!

US doctors reviewing site Vitals that gathers reviews and ratings for more than 870 000 doctors found that the shortest average waiting time to see a physician has actually increased more than a full minute.

The first progressive doctors are using Qminder’s Queue up by Name.

Dental lines Dental lines last

They have installed a simple iPad with Qminder, where patients can queue up by typing in their name. This way, doctors don’t have to check whether there is a line behind the door, who is next in line and what they want. Distractions by knocks on the door or even worse - people rushing in the middle of an examination are also things of the past with Qminder.

Let your doctors know about Qminder! We know that we can help them and with your help we can spread the word.


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