visitor sign in and management system

Visitor management system for walk-ins at your location

A complete visitor management system that builds amazing experiences at your location.

Automate visitor sign-in & registration

Inform visitors about service status: Give them peace of mind

Greet visitors on site, and capture their wishes

Provide personal customer experience, and follow up with others

Gather data and insights for Service Intelligence

Qminder visitor sign-in system takes care of your visitors. Sign in with an iPad, inform through a TV, and serve with a web-based dashboard.

Qminder iPad-based visitor management kiosk visitor self sign-in

Visitor sign-in & management iPad

Looking for an iPad-based visitor management solution to register and manage visitors? Qminder is an easy and intuitive iPad registration system your visitors will love.

An electronic visitor sign-in system is hassle-free. No more printers, no messy handwriting, and no papers to deal with. A complete visitor registration system that asks your visitors for their name, reason of visit, and anything else you want to ask.

A traditional paper-based visitor sign-in sheet makes for a bad experience. A visitor management system with an iPad not only highlights your innovativeness, but also provides additional data privacy.

Available for Apple iPad. Download Qminder sign-in solution on the App store.

download on the app store

Greet visitors with self-service sign-in iPad kiosk
Ask for your visitors' name, reason of visit, email and more.

Endless setup possibilities
Set up as many iPads as you need at no extra cost.

Greet and serve visitors in their preferred language. Manage the queue in your own language.

Wireless flexibility
Place iPad sign-in kiosks at hotspots. No wires or outlets needed.

Visitor management system benefits and waiting list display

Organize the chaos
Qminder is an easy visitor management system for everyone.

Flexible visitor management
Set up multiple TVs for a larger room or dedicate TVs to show different waiting lines.

Qminder works on any TV
Just connect Apple TV to the TV you have.

Clear, but discreet
The TV calls for attention with sound and visual alerts. Only first names are shown for privacy.

Queue display with Apple TV

It’s time to boost your visitor experience. Visitor sign-in through an iPad is just the start.

A complete visitor management solution includes a queue display. When visitors know the status of the waiting line, they are relaxed and feel more at ease.

Provide the best possible experience by letting your visitors know where they are, how long they should wait and where to go next. You can reduce the perceived waiting time as well as the actual waiting time with Qminder.

Set up unlimited displays at no extra cost. By using Apple TV, you can set up as many TVs as you want at your location.

Available for Apple TV. Download Qminder waiting list on the App store.

download on the app store
Cloud based visitor management system

Web-based visitor management system

Qminder is a web-based visitor management system. Once visitors sign in through the iPad, this feeds into the dashboard. You can opt in to add them manually through the dashboard.

Manage your visitors in your browser. The dashboard is a simple one-click calling system which uses labels and comments to describe your visitors, and also shows all the information the visitor shared with you upon sign-in.

Providing a great visitor experience is easy once your staff can focus on it. Let us handle visitor management so your staff can do what they do best.

Access via web browser of any computer, tablet or smartphone. Use where and when you need.

No training needed
Easy and intuitive to use. Personal online help from the founders.

Mobile & flexible
Engage with your visitors on the spot or in waiting area.

Get insights
Let your staff note down interesting facts about your visitors.

Save emails and phone numbers to get back in touch.

Visitor Management with SMS Chat Visitor Management wait status

Message your visitors

Want to show off your office and the waiting area? Give visitors complete freedom instead of idle waiting by using SMS to connect with them.

Qminder has a built-in chat system in the dashboard which allows you to easily message your visitors. This can be used for when you want to sign visitors in manually, or when a visitor has to leave shortly, or even just to stay in contact with them.

Stay connected with all your visitors, and build a lasting relationship. A way to a visitor’s heart is through great customer experience.

Visitor sign-in log

What good is a visitor management system if you can’t export all the data? Qminder outputs more than just a simple visitor sign-in log.

With Qminder, you can see when exactly the visitor came in, how long their wait time was, how long the service took and when the service was completed. Export this data from any date range.

No more printing out papers. No more messy, illegible handwriting. Simply export rich data and save administrative time.



Qminder's visitor management system saves information from each visit and employee interaction - providing valuable data and insights.

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