Sprint boosts sales by creating a personal environment

Before Qminder, the Sprint store was more like a bank and provided an environment that was not conducive to interaction between the sales representatives and customers. There was no waiting line management of any kind.

Kirby Ulmer, sales representative, says: “In the past we had stanchions and belts like in an airport, and it was like cattle. With Qminder, we have people everywhere and they’re not bunched together. They are not standing at one place like a herd of cattle.”

Sprint’s goal has always been to make the stay in its store as pleasant as possible and provide the best possible customer experience.

Making every interaction as personal as possible

Customers hate taking numbers. Each customer gets greeted right away. Once the iPad Sign-In application has the customer’s name, it tells to browse the store and that employees will be with the customer as soon as possible.

George Frankie McAllister, store manager, says: “Qminder is for the customer experience. We want to make every interaction as personal as possible.”

Qminder iPad Sign-In application in Sprint store

Statistics improves efficiency

Qminder provides detailed and precise statistics about store visitors. Store managers can better manage their employees. They know exactly when the shop has spikes or slower times.

“Once I saw the statistics, I was shocked. Who is productive, who is helping that kind of customer. I can track my personnel during the day. Qminder data is a valuable tool when you have one-to-one conversations with your employees,” adds George Frankie McAllister, store manager.

Qminder iPad Sign-In application in Sprint store

Qminder helps Sprint to boost sales and makes customers happy

Sprint stores with the Qminder system constitute a perfect use case demonstrating how retail stores can significantly improve their customer service, making it as personal as possible and can boost sales as well.

George Frankie McAllister, store manager, confirms: “Since Qminder, our numbers have increased. Our numbers have spiked and now we’re consistently above 110 percent all of the time.”

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