The National Blood Service of Latvia Uses Queue Management

The National Blood Service of Latvia is using Qminder and this is how they are set up. The donors usually walked in with no prior appointments.

Qminder stand

The wait time to donate blood is usually 15 minutes, but it can be as long as 45 or even more. Previously donors didn’t have an overview how long they needed to wait. Not everyone qualifies to donate blood and some are sent back - this may speed up the movement of the queue. Donors missing their turn was a regular problem.

Nurse calling next donors

To offer the best solution for the National Blood Service we partnered with Tele2 and Samsung. Tele2 is one of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators and is providing the 3G Internet. Samsung is world’s largest information technology company and supplied a Samsung Galaxy Note Android tablet to be used for Qminder.

Queue Management App

Donors can queue up with the free Qminder smartphone application and they can be sure that will not miss their turn again. The app informs them about the waiting time and how many people are before them – all information is updated in real-time. Qminder will remind you with notifications even when your phone is locked and in your pocket.

Qminder remote application

Self Sign-In to the Queue

Visitors who don’t have smartphones can line up by just entering their name into the Samsung Galaxy Note Android tablet. The tablet will also inform them about the estimated time of service and how many people are already in line.

Qminder name based solution

The Director of the State Blood Donor Centre Gita Nemceva says: “We know that waiting before blood donation process is a problem. We are following latest technologies and solutions therefore we and donors are happy that Qminder supports blood donation community and provides this great solution.

To set up Qminder like this, you don’t need more than a tablet and to on our website. out right now!


Web-Based Queue Management


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