Cure 4 The Kids Foundation Queue Success

2017 note from Qminder: We no longer support wasteful and impersonal printers. All our clients have moved on to our new name-based, paperless queueing solution.

Qminder Increases Efficiency for Cure 4 The Kids

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is a non-profit started in April 2007 solely for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes to address the specialized health care needs of children in Nevada and the surrounding region. In the Children’s Speciality Center of Nevada, patients wait in line to be served by receptionists until the next step which is triage, where the order and urgency of treatment is decided.


A sign-in sheet clipboard was in place for patients to note down the time they arrive. Administrators in the healthcare sector wanted patients to wait at ease and at the same time improve the efficiency of their patient management solution.

Qminder queue management for non-profit organizations

“One of the things we were not able to track with a clipboard sign in sheet was a good time capture. I did a quick Google search and found Qminder. Qminder has been the perfect solution. It helps us accurately identify the time between when patients actually walk in the door to when they finish their paperwork.”

- Jamey Felsing, Director of Information Technology at Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada


With Qminder being used as a patient management solution in the healthcare sector, the time when a patient walks into the Center until being serviced by the front desk is being recorded. The service time for each patient is also recorded neatly. Managers can check into real-time location performance via the Qminder Dashboard App wherever they are. As an added value of a smart solution, the efficiency of the front desk is significantly improved.

“Qminder increases the efficiency of the front desk because they now know it’s being monitored. They know when we look at the Statistics and pull up Clerks, we can see who’s checking in the most people and who is actually doing what. We really like the analytics it’s giving us and the overall performance of the front desk is getting better.”

- Jamey Felsing, Director of Information Technology at Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada


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