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footfall analytics benefits
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

Using the Data From People Counters to Boost Service

People counters help measure footfall, i.e. the number of visitors, but they also help you measure the effectiveness of your customer service strategy.

application of queuing theory
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

What Are You Waiting For: The Queuing Theory in Practice

Queues surround us wherever we go and whatever we do. At home, work or in our free time, there's no escape. But are all queues truly made equal?

waiting cost queuing theory
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

The Cost of Queues: How Improper Queue Management Affects Your Bottom Line

Time for some queuing theory: what is the cost of waiting in customer service? You'd be surprised how much revenue you miss out on by not fixing queues.

solving queue jumping problem
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

Weighing the Options: Can Queue-Jumping Be Fair?

Just imagine: you're standing in line for hours and as your turn is coming, somebody jumps in. Is queue-jumping ever called for? You may be surprised...

immersive retail experiences
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

How to Create a Great In-Store Experience: #QminderAsks

What does QminderAsks have in store? Funny you should ask that, because we are talking about in-store experiences and how to make them great.

girteka visitor queuing
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

Girteka Logistics: Managing Candidate Visits

Even when there's only one day a year when you have queues, a queue management system is a must. See how Girteka Logistics manage their visitors.

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