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millennial generation z customers
By Jomel Alos Jomel Alos ·

Millennials vs Gen Z: How Their Customer Care Preferences Compare

Does generational gap exist when it comes to customer and marketing? Let's see how the purchasing preferences of Millennials and Generation Z compare.

healthcare waiting room improve
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

4 Easy Ways to Modernize Patient Waiting Room Experience

Waiting is a part of hospital experience, but who said it can't be enjoyable? As medical equipment is being modernized, so should hospital waiting rooms.

santa claus photography queue
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

It’s a Christmas Miracle: Improving Santa Queues

Santa Claus can fly over the entire world in a single night, but can he handle queues? Find out how to improve the queue experience for mall Santa visitors.

employee happiness in customer service
By Elizabeth Price Elizabeth Price ·

4 Levels of Customer Loyalty: How to Keep Your Clients

Customer loyalty is no longer a mystery. Dive into our guide to four stages of consumer loyalty and what to do as a business owner to achieve loyalty.

elements of customer service
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

The Periodic Table of Customer Service Elements

Customer relationship, like all relationships, is built on chemistry. In today's class, we are looking at the periodic table of customer service elements.

customer experience trends in healthcare
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

6 Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare

Patient experience becomes more and more important. To help serve patients better, take a look at six main customer experience trends in healthcare.

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