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small business saturday 2019 tips
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

21 Tips to Get the Most out of Small Business Saturday 2019

Millions of shoppers now turn out for Small Business Saturday each year. 21 practical tips to help make Small Business Saturday 2019 a success for you.

takealot order collection system
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

How Takealot Leverages Queuing Software to Enhance Order Collection

Learn how Takealot, one of the largest ecommerce retailers in Africa, uses queuing technology to decrease wait times and improve visitor satisfaction.

remote working guide
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

10 Lessons From Qminder’s Remote Work Trip to Georgia

Ever wondered what it's like to work remotely? Before becoming a digital nomad, consider reading our remote work guide, based on our experiences in Georgia.

government waitlist app
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

9 Ways Digital Queue Management Helps Government Offices

We associate public service with long wait times, but it doesn't have to be this way. A digital queue system can set things right for government offices.

black friday queue management
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

Retail Checklist: Tips for Managing Crowds on Black Friday

Are your ready for shopper crowds on Black Friday? We bring you a retail checklist to make sure Black Friday 2019 will be your most successful day yet.

staff training peak times
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

How to Train Service Staff for Peak Hours

Does your staff have everything it needs to provide great service? What about during peak times? Learn what you can do to make your staff's life easier.

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