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busy retail avenue
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

4 Essential Lessons For Retail Sector From This Non-Profit Organization

Solely providing great service is not enough anymore. Clients are looking for extra value when shopping with retailers and StreetCred happens to have some essential lessons for providing this value.

customer experience statistics
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

25 Most Important Customer Experience Statistics

Numbers may not tell the entire story, but to understand the importance of customer experience, you need to know these customer experience statistics.

disney customer experience
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

Disney’s Customer Experience Excellence

Disney produces not only enjoyable animated features but also delightful visitor experiences. How do they manage to still do this, year after year?

la cite student management
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

La Cité Student Management

Is it ever too late to learn? La Cité, a major community college in Canada, proves that in education, as in retail, experience is king.

james bond customer service skills
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

007 James Bond Skills of a Great Customer Service Agent

Who didn't dream of becoming a super agent like James Bond? While secret service is not for everyone, its lessons can be applied to customer service.

waiting room improvements
By Giorgi Lobzhanidze Giorgi Lobzhanidze ·

7 Easy Tips to Make Customers Fall in Love With Waiting Rooms

What makes for a good waiting room? Should it consist of a chair and a clock on the wall, or are there more aspects to delighting your waiting customers?

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