Hello, world! Starting a Queue Management System

In the 21st century, it is outrageous to be having the need for physically standing in lines and waiting for service, when we have the technology that could do it for you and relieve both the end-users and the venues of unnecessary nuisance.

Wait in line without wasting your time” was a simple idea that gathered 6 people to work on it in a Garage48 hackathon in August 2011. After having an explosive start by making the prototype in 48 hours, landing a pilot customer and two partnerships, our success raised the big question of whether this was a one-weekend-wonder or the beginning of something much more.

Today, ending the 6 week intensive development cycle in Startup Sauna, we are proud to provide you access to the simplicity of the basic functions. As agility and openness are our core values, we wanted to provide you with the option to play out the use cases while we are still making some finishing touches. Although we are waiting behind Apple’s approval of Qminder for AppStore, we are already in progress of setting this up with our pilot customers, adding and rejecting some features –we didn’t want to make you wait any longer. Because it is you we want to show it to and hear from!

As an end-user, you can download the application from AppStore. We will show you how easy it is, and ask you to tell us where you would like to use it first.

If as a business you value your customers and hope to provide them with stress free queuing, we kindly ask you to tell us more about your specific needs, so we could take it into account and cater to your particular requirements!

Seeing that distributors from around the world are interested in speeding up the processes of adaptation and are contacting us based on the little information that was previously available, we are confirming that as a local reseller, we are most willing to cooperate with you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Because in the end,

everybody freaking hates to wait.


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