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The world's leading brands in over 40 countries rely on Qminder to deliver satisfying waiting experiences.

“Qminder provides me with the necessary data to support my staffing decisions, predict busy periods and increase efficiency in all stores.”

Leon Tates
Regional Director, Carrier Enterprise

“Qminder is an amazing tool when it comes to analyzing traffic and workload. It has helped us reduce wait times by more than 50%.”

Fred Rosal
Business Strategist, iShop Guatemala

“The data we get from Qminder helps us fully satisfy our customers, by bringing down long wait times and improving service times of our employees. It is a simple yet powerful queueing application.”

Paul Jun A. Timtiman
Project Lead & IT Support, Odfjell

“Having over 650,000 driver partners requires a smart solution to ensure the best service at our centres. With Qminder for walk-ins, we are able to significantly optimize our driver partner operations.”

Sumit Tuteja
Supply Product Head, Ola

Qminder has brought transparency and efficiency to our check-in process for both our service delivery team, as well as the client employee.

Amanda Johnson
Vice President at Beacon OHSS

A one-size-fits-all queuing solution

No matter the industry, Qminder helps achieve customer excellence.

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“Once our pilot run of Qminder succeeded in the busiest season, it was clear as day what solution we should go with.”
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“After an easy setup, we only spent 20 minutes training the team how to use Qminder. The software is extremely intuitive and simple to use.”
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“We had recently started using Qminder as a way of organizing the queue at retail sites, but it started to become the backbone of our retail operations — with solving queueing as the gateway drug.”
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