Qminder Webhooks

Webhooks let you register a URL that we will notify anytime an event happens in your account. When the event occurs—for example, when a ticket is created, Qminder sends a POST request to the URL.

Qminder uses a HMAC signature to help you authenticate all webhook requests. The signature is included in the request header with the key "X-Qminder-Signature".
The signature is created in these steps

  1. Assemble string using the webhook URL and body of the POST request (URL + body, in that order),
  2. Hash the string with HMAC-SHA256 (using your secret key),
  3. Hex digest the hashed string to get the signature.

If you wish to test this functionality for development, you should do it with Beeceptor.
Simply create a new Beeceptor and add the endpoint under Account -> Webhooks in the Qminder Dashboard.