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Best of 2019: Qminder’s Top Articles and Content

We hope you’ve had a great year! We here at Qminder sure have.

So many things have turned for the awesome these past 12 months. So many things have changed, so many things we’ve published.

If you’ve been reading us only from time to time, you might have missed some of our best content this year. No worries, you are on Santa’s good list, and we bring you the gift of Qminder’s best content from 2019.

Here’s to a spectacular new year! 🎉

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Alright, let’s get closer to the content side of things. Jump to whichever section interests you the most:

Top 10 Qminder articles in 2019

top blog articles 2019

Helping Customers Help Themselves: The Benefits of Self-Service

The very idea of making your customers help themselves sounds antithetic to great customer service. But more and more people are opening up to the concept of self-service, and once you read about the five core benefits of self-service, you will too.

Create Happiness in Face-to-Face Customer Service With Data

This article first appeared on Dana Hooshmand’s blog, but it reads as something we might’ve written ourselves. Dana tackles an important question here: can data help us build stronger interpersonal connections when servicing? (Yes, it can.)

7 Japanese Words That Teach Great Customer Service

What makes Japanese customer service so unique? The key is their attitude — not only to work, but to life in general. This article lists 7 Japanese words that are crucial to understanding what makes up for great customer service.

Weighing the Options: Can Queue-Jumping Be Fair?

Whenever someone jumps in front of us in a queue, we’re ready for war. But perhaps there are deeper — psychological and evolutionary — reasons behind cutting in line? Moreover, there are some cases where queue-jumping is not only acceptable but necessary.

The Cost of Queues: How Improper Queue Management Affects Your Bottom Line

What do people lose when they stand in a queue? A few minutes? An hour, tops? As a business, you stand to lose much more if you let your customers waste their time in chaotic, unmanaged waiting lines. Fix your queues to fix your bottom line.

Building the Queue Management Pyramid, From the Top Down

We’ve covered the customer experience pyramid before. Is is related to the queue management pyramid? The answer is, yes. Kind of. The queue management pyramid is more broad in its application and covers the most important aspects of building a successful business.

5 Key Takeaways From the X4 Conference

In 2019, I was sent to the X4 Conference organized by Qualtrics. Having been catered to at every step, tempted by free snacks and delighted by expert speakers, I bring you these hard-fought-for 5 key takeaways from the X4 Conference.

What Are You Waiting For: The Queuing Theory in Practice

We’ve taken queues for granted for so long, we don’t even notice them creeping into our everyday lives. Wherever we go, we’re surrounded by waiting, interruptions and delay. But can queues be a force of good?

The Future of CX: 14 Customer Experience Trends for 2020 (And Beyond)

Preparation is half the battle won. With our list of CX trends to expect in 2020 (and beyond), we’ve taken care of at least 60-65% of the customer experience battle for you. The rest, unfortunately, is on your shoulders.

10 Lessons From Qminder’s Remote Work Trip to Georgia

Ever dreamed of working remotely but didn’t know how to start? Qminder Team embarked on a remote work trip to Georgia (that would be the country, not the state) and brought back 10 valuable lessons about what to expect when working remotely.

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best articles compilation 2019

QminderAsks is a special place where we ask the leading industry experts for insights on some of the more pressing topics.

In 2019, we posted not one but five QminderAsks articles, each focused on a different aspect of customer service and experience.

Why You Should Use Customer Names

How to Enhance Your Customer Waiting Room Experience

How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

How to Overcome the Biggest CX Challenges

How to Create a Great In-Store Experience

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Product articles and tutorials

product articles and tutorials

In 2019, we started posting more of educational content connected to Qminder.

The articles we posted are mostly an overview of some of Qminder’s many features. They explain in detail how to access and make use of some of the more powerful features of the Qminder queue management platform.

Three articles may seem too little, but this is but a humble beginning for what’s yet to come in 2020.

The Complete Guide to Queue Management Labels and Input Fields

A Quick Guide to Queue Management With Visit Planner

Introducing User Details: A Quick Way to Measure Employee Performance

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Case studies and success stories

best case studies 2019

We like writing about clients not only because it helps with our brand awareness (but that too), but also because their use cases are so uniquely different.

There are no two clients alike, and each uses Qminder in their own, often surprising, way.

These here are the six case studies we’ve published in 2019. Want your business get featured here? Contact us at

LHV: Managing 170,000+ Clients With a Digital Queuing System

How Takealot Leverages Queuing Software to Enhance Order Collection

St. John’s Medical Center: The Epitome of Patient-Centered Care

Girteka Logistics: Managing Candidate Visits

Berkeley Rec Sports: Managing Visitor Experience

Mowasalat: Effectively Handling Over 7,000 Drivers

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Articles and blog posts isn’t the only kind of content we’ve been doing. No, siree!

One of our biggest accomplishments this year is releasing a free ebook about queue management in healthcare — Digitizing Queue Management in Healthcare.

Filled not only with the valuable information you’ve come to expect of Qminder but also with the kind of illustrations that’d make your eyes pop out, this ebook is a must-read for any healthcare professional.

qminder ebook screenshot example

Feel your eyes pop out yet?

Even if you’re only tangentially related to this field, Digitizing Queue Management in Healthcare will reveal some interesting details about the healthcare industry.

Also, I can’t underscore this enough, this ebook is completely free and available in PDF, epub and mobi formats.

Lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?), there’s The CX Zone — our very own biweekly newsletter. Peek behind the veil and learn the secrets of customer experience, queue management and customer service.

The CX Zone is a twice-a-month compilation of our very best articles on a given topic, delivered directly to your inbox. Check it out for yourself, by subscribing to our newsletter in the form below.

No obligation, no fee, no strings attached.

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What are some of the best articles you’ve read in 2019? Share your faves in the comment section below.


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