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Introducing New Visitor History

Visitor History has been the cornerstone of Qminder’s Service Intelligence — the suite of tools that help you accurately measure visitor volume, peak hours and service performance.

It allows you to see, at a glance, a history of interactions for each individual visitor and draw the right conclusions from this data.

Our latest update to Visitor History is going to make this feature even more useful, from visual upgrades to technical additions.

Visitor History’s name has been updated from Service History to reflect these new changes.

Visual upgrade to service data

The first thing you may notice is that Visitor History has received a stylish tune-up.

The new, redesigned version is sleek, modern and is more responsive than ever before. Applying filters to data is faster, and you can select and deselect lines in just one click.

qminder visitor history

It also gives you more relevant information, with the name of the service line a visitor joined being visible right away.

Deeper data points

Visitor History’s upgrade is more from just visual changes. You now get more information about the respective visitor’s journey.

To see all types of interactions the visitor has had, expand their section. You will see, specifically, new status types: in addition to Served, visitor status can now be also changed to Forwarded and Returned to queue.

qminder visitor history

Each interaction shows its respective wait time, service time, the name of the clerk who served the visitor, and exact time at which each interaction began.

Exporting data

At the end of the day, data is only as useful as it is accessible. With new Visitor History, no data is left behind.

Qminder’s exporting capabilities allow you to easily share accurate data with teams and present in a clear, visually engaging style.

This update’s improvements to the Excel export are significant: the download speed of reports is faster, and the reports themselves now include all the interaction data points about the visitor’s journey.

This allows you to delve even deeper into the mechanics of your service strategy, analyze trends and find outliers.

Note: The new Excel export currently does not display columns for input fields and labels. They will be added in the next update.

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We are always open to second opinions. Try out the new Visitor History and let us know what you think!


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