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10 Lessons From Qminder’s Remote Work Trip to Georgia

When Qminder first announced the plan for our marketing team to go on a work trip to Georgia (the country, not the state), the first question was “Are you for real?” The second question was “No, seriously, are you for real, though?”

The announcement was met with wooos and wows, before the dread started slowly setting in: “W-wait, you mean I have to leave my beloved high-end ergonomic chair with neck support behind?”

But that was the point, to see if we can:

a. work together in a different environment

b. weather the challenges of remote working

c. co-exist 24/7 without triggering a battle royale.

Turns out, we can!

Just like in video games, the experience we’ve gained throughout those 11 days in Georgia was enough to level up our understanding of where we stand as a team. (The wine and meat certainly helped.)

Now, one team trip later, we already feel like seasoned veterans of remote working, and we’re here to share 10 things we’ve learned from our voyage to Georgia, the beating heart of Caucasia.

For max immersion: 🎵 Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles 🎵


  1. Get your ducks in a row 🦆 Make sure everyone is one the same page w/r/t costs, visa requirements, trip schedule, activities, etc. Having fun shouldn’t be mandatory, so no pressure to participate!

  2. Use the trip as a water cooler topic 💬 “I can’t believe we’re really doing this” may sound cliche, but it is a great excuse to start talking to colleagues you don’t know that well.

  3. Co-working is… well, working 🤷 When you’re surrounded by people who (at least pretend to) work non-stop, it helps fuel your batteries. Btw, thanks to Terminal Vera for providing great office space!

remote work trip

  1. S#!t happens 💩 If you overhear a colleague say “Stay strong,’’ they are either consoling loved ones who miss them, or talking to a dying Wi-Fi router. Either way, hug them and tell them it’s ok.

  2. Learn to switch gears 🚗 This is one-third work trip, one-third vacation, and one-third team-building event. Don’t neglect one for the other.

  3. Don’t be afraid of getting lost once in a while, either in work or in the streets 🗺️ Want everything to stay on track 100%? Get yourself a toy railway.

  4. Manage your time right ⏳ Even good things can overstay their welcome, so err on the aw-jeez-is-our-trip-over-already side.

  5. Plan out your exit routes 🏃‍ Not everybody on your team may have the same tolerance for fun. Have options for people to fly back earlier — or, to stay longer. Once again, no pressure!

  6. Don’t let the bedbugs bite 🦟 Like, literally.

  7. Sit back and enjoy the moment 🥂 It doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full, as long as there’s Georgian wine in it.

remote working trip

“Working remotely is remotely working?” Yeah, right. We proved that, as far as nomadic people go, Qminder team is up there with pre-Genghis Khan Mongols.

But over to you now:

  • What’s the best country you’ve been on a work trip to?
  • How did you balance remote working and sightseeing?
  • What’s something people rarely think of when deciding to become digital nomads?

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