The formula for a perfect queuing system

Deliver world-class customer service at any scale with the Qminder queuing system.

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An all-in-one queuing system toolkit

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Increase customer throughput and satisfaction

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Improve business performance through data and analytics

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Enrich customer experiences by making them more personalized

Great customer experiences, powered by data

Flexible queuing system

The Qminder queuing system helps create a smoother, more intuitive check-in flow. By automating queuing, Qminder raises quality of life for both customers and employees.

Our goal is to make five minutes seem like 30 seconds. The customer doesn’t mind waiting and can browse through the store. Qminder helps create that environment.

George Frankie McAllister
Store Manager, Sprint Telecom


Self-service check-in

Customizable sign-in flow

Multilingual options

Powerful customer service analytics

Our queuing system helps gather critical data on customer behavior. The queuing data can be as broad or as granular as you like, letting you pick and choose data points at different levels when making business decisions.

This queuing system helps us identify potential bottlenecks in the ustomer service chain. We can now monitor and compare the results of our customer service representatives, and tackle swiftly all challenges that may occur.

Sten Senkel
Denmark Region Manager, Tavex Group


Real-time service statistics

Remotely accessible data

Deep API integrations

Higher customer satisfaction

Achieve higher customer satisfaction scores by identifying and promptly resolving service inefficiencies (wait time, bottlenecks, slow resolution times, etc.). Address your customers by their name to engage them on a more personal level.

The data we get from this queuing system helps us improve on areas where we can to fully satisfy our customers. It has brought down the long wait times of our customers and also improved the service times of our employees.

Paul Jun A. Timtiman
Project Lead & IT Support Terminals, Odfjell Ship Management Phils., Inc.


Offer truly personalized experiences

Learn how to make your business better

Optimize your queuing strategy

See Qminder in action

Bring your storefront to the forefront

Equip your business with a powerful queuing sytem to drive both customer and employee excellence. Build you success atop the five pillars of great customer service.

Greet visitors with a self-service check-in solution

Put your customers behind the wheel of checking in, while reducing the workload of your service agents. Collect customer data and use it to further enhance the experience, by understanding your visitors better.

Flexible configuration to best suit your needs

Multilingual settings to greet visitors in their language

Wireless capabilities

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Guide customers with digital signage

Our queuing system informs visitors of their queue progress, in real time. Update the customer waiting list shown on a TV, and notify visitors when and where they need to go next.

Play attention-grabbing notifications

Guide customers to the right service desk

Use visitors’ names to create a welcoming environment

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Chat with customers via text messaging

Enhance your queuing system setup with SMS text messaging. Confirm check-ins, notify about delays, call up for service, ask for post-service feedback, and more.

Automate SMS responses, depending on the situation

Offer helpful guidance and set up reminders

Engage in a two-way SMS conversation with customers

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Enrich customer experiences with a service dashboard

Empower clerks and managers with a flexible suite of customer service tools. Speed up the service flow, and use visitor data to personalize each customer experience.

Manage and serve customers with a few clicks

Offer name-based, personalized customer service

Measure and boost your location’s performance

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Optimize your business with service analytics

The Qminder queuing system measures your staff’s and locations’ performance, and make data-backed business decisions. Gain insights into customer behavior to offer enhanced service experiences.

Gather performance data across different locations

Get service data reports delivered to your inbox

Find and predict service and staffing trends

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Climb to new heights with Qminder

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