Success Stories

remote working guide
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

10 Lessons From Qminder’s Remote Work Trip to Georgia

Ever wondered what it's like to work remotely? Before becoming a digital nomad, consider reading our remote work guide, based on our experiences in Georgia.

tasting event experience
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

Excellent Tasting Experience From Plate by Plate

Plate by Plate, an annual tasting event, not only promotes often-neglected voices of its local community but also offers exceptional visitor experience.

eye care services
By Kirill Tšernov Kirill Tšernov ·

EyeSite Gives You the Best Eye Care Experience

Good customer service is as important in the eye care industry as it is in retail. Is your eye care business ready to provide great patient experience?

By Hyun Lee Hyun Lee ·

Qminder Wins Awards from FinancesOnline

Qminder wins two awards from FinancesOnline - one of the biggest B2B and SaaS review platform. With our exceptional UX, we won the hearts from both our own customers and from the reviewers.

Wine Tasting Experience
By Hyun Lee Hyun Lee ·

Best Wine Tasting Experience

Great experience leads to great leads. See how GREAT WINE keeps clients happy and gets leads through word-of-mouth.

retail storefront
By Hyun Lee Hyun Lee ·

A Hume Makes Online & Offline Shopping Seamless

Customer service values that historically allowed them to compete against countless competitors. Is your business set up to fight for another century?

best fulfillment center customer experience
By Hyun Lee Hyun Lee ·

Best Fulfillment Center Client Onboarding Process

ShipMonk is a fulfillment center with client experience in mind. Meetings to providing great on-site visits, they provide great visitor experiences.

Best Dental Practice Growth Process
By Hyun Lee Hyun Lee ·

Successful Dental Practice with Growth Processes

Smileworks has a 45% referral rate. With customer experience in mind, they’ve become one of the fastest growing dental clinics in the UK.